Biogas plants

  • Biogas is part of renewable energy sources. Its availability is relatively good, since it produces our domestic industries: agriculture, food and biological industries. Part of the biogas management are technological equipment for processing, storage and use of biogas as well as the facilities where biogas is produced.
  • Consulting - preparation of a study - project documentation
  • Equipment for gas management:
  • - Gas holders (gas tank, gas membrane, gas bag)
    - Gas pressure increasing station
    - Residual gas burner
    - Container gasholder
    - Integrated gasholder station and gas pressure increasing station
    - Turbine gas tank
    - Turbine with gasholder
    - Gas Compressors
    - Digester
    - Pipelines
    - Biogas cleaning- desulphurisation
    - Implementation
    - Service
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