Pelletizing fuel

Pelletizing fuel from separator from the biogas plants

Economic potential of biomass, including the processing of fermented mixture produced aerobic fermentation of biodegradable waste and fermented biomass combustion, not in the Slovak economy in recent years, given adequate attention.

Biogas plants in most cases using anaerobic digestion (without oxygen) and me are made biogas plant with aerobic digestion (for oxygen), ie. the output is a reprint material varies according to the legislation for creating agro pellets and their energy use.

As our company deals with biogas stations on the starting material in the process of digestion we output reprint material, our idea is to use the separator for creating agro pellets for energy purposes.
Feedstock can be, for example. manure + corn silage, hay + corn silage, haylage, silage effluent + ... The soil in the feedstock is getting 5 to 6% solids, which are made ​​of inorganic substances after burning up ash.
The advantage of this ecological fuel is guaranteed by its calorific value, low humidity, uniform dimensions and physical properties, easy storage, combustion and environmental perspectives of the future.