Products for AES


Biogas plants

  • Controlled anaerobic fermentation and perspective way of processing organic residual biomass. It is the bioenergy transformation of organic substances , of a non-reduction of their effluent values. The technology used in biogas plants is a set of processes in which microorganisms blended culture decomposes biodegradable organic matter from air.


Residual gas burners

  • It can be used to burn excess gas or biogas at wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, geothermal wells degassing etc.
  • Easy to handle, quick to install and easy to use
  • The ability to connect to the master control system
  • The control valve is part of the product
  • Service within 24 hours during the warranty period
  • Slovakia TÜV certificate of registration. number 0764-2/20/07/AW/OS/G



  • Basis of every biogas plant is fermenter. According to the type of structures fermenter tend to indicate a biogas facility. According to the form of their operation can be divided into:
  • separate
  • commonly operated
  • municipal / industrial, large equipment



  • Gasholder consists of three outer protective membranes, and internal floor than space gas. The gas pressure is maintained by the air that is blown between the membrane air blower. Input air has two functions: the first maintains the gas pressure and the other maintaining a constant shape of the outer membrane, creating a protection against the weather (snow and wind). Supply and return gas be embedded in the base, where it is anchored to the anchoring frame for gas balloon. Gas holder is equipped with safety fittings.


Lagoons for slurry

  • Natural lagoon is composed of three layers of material polyethylene (LDPE insulation strip hr.2mm screened fabric + PP + LDPE insulation strip hr.8mm) stored in multiple layers. It can be open or covered with a floating ceiling. Floating ceiling reduces emissions likely to be released into the air and reduces the amount of precipitation in the substrate and increasing the amount of substrate. Lagoon has all the necessary certificates for the protection of groundwater for the European Union. Lagoon consists of earthworks - cut and fill. Establishment of lagoons in the field is dependent on the amount of ground water. Lagoon has its own detection system for leaks. Lagoon can be retrofitted by storage substrate bridges with agitators to prevent fouling. For small lagoon to use mobile tractor stirrers in open lagoons.



  • Removing odor of landfill gas is solved deodorizing filter. Deodorizing filter is rectangular aboveground tank shell is made ​​up of PP wall elements. It is covered with a removable arched roof of PP sheets that resist UV radiation. Vertical walls and domed roof are insulated with 100 mm mineral fleece and sheathed with aluminum sheet. Inside the tank is a grid system in which the active layer of organic load consisting of peat, compost, bark, limestone, supporting nutritional elements and a mixed culture of bacteria. Under the roof are installed nozzles for wetting wetting the substrate.



  • Disintegrator can be supplied from the simplest version without scales and conveyor to completely control equipment including hydraulic and electronic counter-control of all functions. Thanks to the original design is minimized friction, thereby reducing wear on components by about 70% compared with mixing in a horizontal manner. Disintegrator may also be used in the processing of dry mixtures.