Biogas plants /BGP

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  • What is biogas plant?

  • Controlled anaerobic fermentation and perspective way of processing organic residual biomass. It is the bioenergy transformation of organic substances , of a non-reduction of their effluent values. The technology used in biogas plants is a set of processes in which microorganisms blended culture decomposes biodegradable organic matter from air. The resulting products are biologically stable substrate with high fertilization effect and biogas (BP) containing 55 to 70% methane and calorific value about 18 to 26 MJ. m/3.
  • Materials suitable for the production of biogas plant

  • Any organic material with a high content of volatile substances and solids less than 50% can theoretically be used for anaerobic digestion. For efficient processing it is necessary that the properties of the materials were at some optimal range.
  • In practice, we meet up with the use of biogas in cogeneration units. This method achieves high energy conversion efficiency of biogas into electricity and thermal energy (80 - 90%). It can be calculated that about 30% of the biogas is converted to electricity, 60% of the thermal energy and the rest is heat loss.
  • Supply of complete biogas plant Rudos on turnkey.

  • consulting
  • development of feasibility studies
  • planning
  • design and equipment authorization
  • support in obtaining financing from the European Union
  • construction and delivery of technology
  • commissioning
  • operation of the biogas plant
  • service ensuring
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