• The overall response Blowers Board BAH

  • Czech Republic became part of the EU, which implies, among other things, the need for compliance with the strict standards of environmental protection, especially in areas related to pollution, downstream purification and treatment. This role will require the construction of a large number of relatively small treatment plant and also by the possibility of obtaining subsidies from EU funds will be a high investment costs.
  • Company Lubenecké factory Svoboda, Inc. as a successful manufacturer of Roots blowers that are used just in the above applications, has decided to help address the need of finances that has developed a new series of blower units BAH. Blowers BAH advice have been awarded a Gold Medal at the 46th Fair 2004. The new design allows for a reduction in the cost of end-user acquisition costs, operational savings, and at the same time there is also a reduction in investment costs for the construction of wastewater treatment plants themselves.
  • The original solution based on the concept that LUTOS regret, as successfully used in the aggregates supplied by nuclear power and is highly improved in order to increase user comfort and reduce as production as well as operating costs for the facility. New solutions for its introduction into production is the use in other areas, such as in the originally envisaged, which was exceeded beyond setting.
  • Construction description of Blowers advice BAH

  • The main element of the blower unit BAH - Roots blower with horizontal air flow is also a link between the two towers - muffler inlet and outlet muffler. Both buffers associated with the blower to create a frame.
  • Blower is powered by an electric blower stored beneath the swinging plate with belt drive. The automatic belt tensioning is used by the dead weight of the motor. Ensure low noise measures inside silencer and discharge, as well as integrated acoustic cover. On the walls of the housing mounted directly to the frame unit are channels for supply of cooling air to the motor and the extraction of the heated air from the enclosure. Exhaust air from the housing ensures propeller shaft located on the blower without self-propulsion. Supplied as standard safety features (check valve, safety valve, limiting movement, spinner dome) ensure safe and reliable operation of the unit. To meet the needs of the wider customer has been developed and delivered a set of accessories (different connections, inlet air filtration, pressure and temperature sensors, ...).
  • The benefits of Blowers advice BAH over previous solutions

  • A short description of the concept of Blowers BAH gives a basic idea of the real benefits of these new blower assemblies, not only in comparison with previously-produced aggregates Board LUTOS DT, but with brand manufacturers selling blower units in the Czech market in the EU (eg Aerzener, Dresser, Holmes, Robuschi).

Reducing the urban space55 - 66 %
Weight reduction20 - 25 %
Reduction of production costs25 - 30 %
Noise reduction6 - 8 dB
Increasing the efficiency4 - 6 %
Reduction of energy consumption4 - 6 %
Decrease selling price25 - 30 %

Technical parameters
blower unitsquantity supplied Q [m3/hour]Max. pressure Dp [kPa]Max. motor Pm [kW]built space
BAH 6/1020 - 100702,20,23 m3
BAH 10/3080 - 2501007,50,40 m3
BAH 20/30100 - 300907,50,40 m3
BAH 30/60200 - 50010018,50,70 m3
BAH 40/60250 - 6009018,50,70 m3

Another advantage is the added convenience of operation:

automatic belt tensioning
unit needs a classic filter cartridge
maintenance reduced to checking the oil level (5 minutes per week)
basically unattended operation
simpler wiring (unit does not need a separate fan)

Functional properties

  • BAH units are designed to supply compressed air to a pressure of about 1 bar. Air is drawn through a strainer and silencer the fan, which, depending on the outside air resistance compressed. Compressed air blower passes through a security check valve in the muffler outlet, where there is a reduction in noise and pulsation. The shock continues to air around the safety valve to the output pipe and according to their needs. The whole unit is usually enclosed in a simple, easily demountable acoustic enclosure, which allows quick access to the control and maintenance of a blower unit.

  • The basic evaluation criteria

  • The novelty of product
    The novelty of the product confirms the intention of industrial protection under law no. 478/1992 Coll. on utility models. From now produced aggregates BAH vary by carrier frame is silencer, horizontal displacement blower and muffler. Both buffers are designed so as carrier of thick-walled large-size profiles that their dimensions and damping elements inside, contribute significantly to the attenuation of noise and vibration. The inside of the damper is adjusted to eliminate the pulsation of the air blower. Used silencer and discharge are compared to commonly used intake silencer and discharge a large volume of cross-section, resulting in low air velocity and lower pressure drop of the two buffers. Location of blower motor under the two dampers allow only simple construction swinging plate for automatic belt tensioning, but likely to lead to significantly greater use of the built-up area and thereby reducing the overall aggregates. Location-return valve for direct discharge from a similar fan lead to simpler designs when reducing the overall size while keeping the blower protection against counter-spin. Separately removable silencer allows without removing the entire unit as easy access. when changing blower. Original designed acoustic cover does not support frame. Replaces it alone unit on which attached with a wing nut. Sides of the cover are given to each upper lid. This arrangement is secured in addition to low production costs and lower operating costs - fast cover removal, easier control unit.
  • Blower draws air from the outside casing, resulting in lower Connect discharge temperature and higher efficiency Nm3/hr. At the same time reduce the radiated power from the unit inside the housing, which means reducing the amount of cooling air needs to maintain the desired temperature inside the enclosure. Cooling is provided by an external electric airflow, brought a separate channel in the side of the motor housing to the propeller, allowing ultimately further reduce demands on cooling inside the housing. Acoustic hood is vented through the Side suction and outlet channels in the housing through the propeller shaft secured to the blower. By eliminating the need to use the fan and wiring associated with it.
  • Technical and technological level

  • Technical level of BAH is determined by the construction of the complex. Reliability is predominantly based on the reliability of units best parts - blower check valve, safety valve, motor, transmission and shock. Reliability is supported by automatic tensioning mechanism with stainless steel parts. All welded parts for pressure relief valve and sensors, pressure gauge is always done well in stainless steel, which has long ensured easy access to various regulatory, insurance and control element. There are omissions nor for the corrosion resistance of acoustic enclosure, which has always finish powder color and the design for indoor and outdoor use.
  • User comfort

  • Warranty service is permanently secured services as OTS LUTOS and service centers. In Slovakia is the after-sales service provided by RUDOS RUŽOMBEROK Ltd.
  • Operator safety is ensured by placing the unit in acoustic hoods. Against injury by cooling the propeller is surrounded by its own cover. The enhancement in the deployment engine belt can be used kyvky stop mechanism. Economic savings based on lower input costs, lower energy intensity of traffic and a lower frequency of checks by the operator.
  • Exhibit readiness to supply the market

  • Supplies of Blowers LUTOS advice DT cover the needs of 70% of the Czech market, a significant proportion of which is realized in the plant. It is realistic to assume that the new units will replace advice BAH about 80% of blowers previous versions. Currently, production is assured of all these new types of advice and are offered and delivered to customers. Compliance with legislative requirements is declared by a declaration of conformity.
  • Production unit design and detail design

  • All production is done on a professional level. Precision machined parts is given to the production of machine tools and numerical ranges at least one thousandth millimeter. The accuracy of these metal parts and stillage is given to them by cutting laser cutter. Level Design - resp. stopped the use of space and relationships between the components, is on high level.
  • Ecological aspects

  • Products contribute to environmental solutions in water management areas currently and its affordability and smaller dimensions for installation. Reduced load ambient noise is another significant advantage of the new series. Technical solutions blowers excludes the possibility for proper operation of the oil leak from the fan. With the exception of the oil filling in aggregate BAH used only fully recyclable materials. Manufacturing technologies friendly to the environment.