• Gas bags are available to manufacture upon customer’s wishes. Theirshape can be cylinder or square. Cylinder gas bags are used horizontallyinside buildings, half span roofs, or hung inside vertical towers, which areeither steel or concrete. Filling and emptying of a non-pressure bag is oftencarried out through flanged joints, which are prearranged within the manufactureprocess upon customer’s wills and needs. It is possible to measure the state oftank filling with the help of a ultrasound measure, or a mechanicalmeasurement device. The bag has to be gripped to the external construction.
  • Possible usage at WWTP, at both industrial and agricultural biogas stations
    Utilization as balanced gas holders
    Capacities upon customer’s wishes
    Lower cost of acquisition compared to applied gas holders
    Quick installment
    Long life-cycle
    Possible to put into container with diameter capacity up to 95m3, or to stand individually on a reinforced ground
    Possible utilization of old, steel gasholder towers for reusing with the new gas-proof membrane – bag
    No need for grand constructional adjustments to accommodate– ceiling handle-       Non-pressure realization or minimum pressure, constant gas-tightness-        
    Service for up to 24 hours within warranty period