Integrated Station of increasing gas pressure gasholder

  • The machinery consists of a containerin which the gas holder and blowing engine are located. Every machine is placedin a separate room with a gas-tight separation. The whole machineryhas its own control system.
  • Possible utilization for gas pressure raise, or WWTP biogas, biogas stations, geothermal borehole degassing
    Easy to manipulate with and quick assembly
    Easy operation
    Custom control system
    Possibility of connecting onto superior control system
    Available application of different kinds of power series blowing engines upon customer’s wishes  Service for up to 24 hours within warranty period
    TÜV Slovakia certificate registration number 0764-1/20/07AW/OS/G
  • Theintegrated gas pressure raise stations consists of these parts:

  • Blowing engine, gas filter, deflagrationfuse, between flange flap, regressive flap, pressure sensor, heat sensor, axialventilator/fan, spherical valve.
nameIntegrovaná stanica
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