• In the company RUDOS Ruzomberok, Ltd. we focus on the people, we recognize the knowledge, skills and interests.
  • Work enthusiasm in the company and demand for workers are high. We support their personal development because skilled, motivated and loyal employees are the greatest asset of the company. We invest in business and product training and comprehensive system of personnel training.
  • The result of this process is technically and commercially proficient sales representatives, who can respond flexibly to customer needs and recommend the best solution.


Zuzana Bobulova - Managing Director

  • Zuzana Bobulova is the managing director of the company RUDOS Ruzomberok , Ltd.. She works in the company since 1996. She mainly focuses on personal and financial management of the company.


Peter Bobula - Managing Director

  • Peter Bobula is co-founder of RUDOS Ruzomberok Ltd. Since the establishment of the company he held the position of director, sales director and sales representative at the same time. Under his leadership, the small company has become to a stable company for clients, employees and the public.


Ing. Peter Pajerchin - Sales Director

  • Ing. Peter Pajerchin performs the function of company sales director. Manages and organizes business center. He establishes business strategy and plans for the company to develop the product portfolio.


Emilia Vandriakova - Finance Director

  • Emilia Vandriakova is director of the economic department. She has extensive experience in the field of accounting and tax.


Milan Stas - Production and Technical Director

  • Milan Stas is production and technical director of the company. Manufacturing is one of the pillars of our business.


Milan Rajsky - Purchasing Director

  • Milan Rajsky performs the function of purchasing director. He works in a company  since 2009. He provides warehouse management, distribution and logistics.