Railway vehicle indent

  • RUDOS Ružomberok Ltd. is a direct manufacturer of railway vehicle stoppers. We are the owners authorization to manufacture and supply ŽVZ87 for ZSR.
  • Railway wagon stops are designed for braking and stopping railway cars during shunting. Terminology used is to take responsibility and the importance of common terminology, standards and regulations of the railways.
  • Stops are constructed of welded consisting of two parts. The body stops the steel cast iron casting. Based on the cast body - soles - is shaped bracket fixed to the stop plate to handle the grip tabs. The back part sole body indent is deflected upward slope creates a smooth passage for the rail joints. Keeping tabs on each rail is secured through the side flanges. The front of the stop - language - is key to the departure ramp rail wagon wheel.

  • Railway wagon stop pattern 87

  • Railway vehicle stops are used to provide traction and rolling stock cars from rolling movement. 87 ZVZ are subject to strict technical acceptance conditions under which the protocol is subjected to thinning.
    They are applicable to all forms of rail to rail head width 77 mm, for cars with wheel sizes of at least two tracks 840 mm, max. rise velocity 5 m / s.

  • The metal pad lock

  • This is a modification pad KP-00 ensuring mounting rail so that the on removal impossible without serious violence.
    In the network of Czech Railways, this pad is used as a substitute (derailer) against which site is for financial, weight and complexity to the operation and maintenance more convenient.

  • Stand stop

  • The stand is designed to save the wagon train stops any type. Is provided as a magnitude of 10 pieces as small buffers or the 5 (6) pieces stops.
    The stand can be attached if necessary using anchors or bolts to the floor or recessed sleeper.

  • Stand on the pad

  • The stand is designed to store metal washers KP-00 and CLM (pad locked). On stand can be placed pads 5 pieces.
    The stand can be attached if necessary using anchors or bolts to the floor or recessed sleeper.