• RUDOS Ružomberok Ltd. offers brake lockshields without cutting ring and lockshields Parker.
    Comparison lockshields offered:
    Standard solution:
    »Currently most manufacturers wagons used copper or steel (or stainless steel) pipes and cast-iron or steel (stainless steel) pipe fitting
    »Weight stainless steel pipe with wall thickness is 1.5 mm and 51% higher than the wall thickness of 0.8 mm. (typical car - about 64 kg pipe)
    »Price stainless steel pipe with wall thickness of 1.5 mm, 24% higher than the tube with a wall thickness of 0.8 mm
    »WARNING - wall thickness of 1.5 mm, because of the use pipe fitting with cutting ring, where it is necessary to achieve the desired tightness and strength to jam the tube
    Alternative solution:
    »RUDOS lockshields contain cutting ring and thus can be achieved thinner walls up to 0.8 mm
    »The material is brass pipe fitting / or stainless steel suitable for forging and thus makes it possible to offer a wide variety of designs to meet customer rub
    Weight saving is based on the estimated consumption for pipe:
    Premise consumption for 1 car:
    »33 m - 12 mm tubes
    »30 m - 15 mm tubes
    »40 m - 22 mm tubes
    The total weight of the tube:
    Standard stainless steel (1.5mm) = 63.94 Kg = base
    Thin-walled stainless steel (0.8mm) = 32.79 Kg = - 49%


  • Proven solution
    lower price
    Wider selection of products
    - Not discussed
    - Improved weight distribution pipelines
    - Increased cost of piping

  • weight saving
    Easier and faster installation
    decomposability connection
    Thinner wall pipes
    modern solution
    - Higher price lockshields
    - New solution
    - Enhanced product portfolio
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