Compressed air solution for EMU a DMU

  • By pressing the air contains water, oil and solids. With them, however, are also possible undesirable consequences: the door jamming valves and vacuum toilet systems, pneumatic components freezing in winter, lower life of pneumatic components, failure dryers, reducing service intervals and service life of pneumatic components. The reasons may be different:
  • Oil - liquid oil as well as aerosols temperature dependent.
    consequences: the sintering carbon pipes, clogging, disablement absorption dryers
  • Water - liquid effective removed, depending on the temperature water vapor (humidity).
    consequences: the freezing of pneumatic components, corrosion of air distribution
  • Emulsions: mix oil and water, it is harder to remove them
  • Rigid parts - are easy to capture, size and concentrations must be used in accordance with the filter material in connection with hot oil are collected from the surface and cause the pressure drop in the system.
    consequences: blocking valves, clogging pipes
  • Pressure Drop - optimization between pressure drop and removal of solid particles, oil and water from the system + extended service intervals
  • System Design

  • File filters properly installed in the system to optimize the removal of contamination from the air with minimal impact on the tubes and downtime due to installation. Know-how is knowledge of air, rail requirements and supplied filters.
  • Project cycle

  • On the basic visit are detected problems and then will take place in the localization system, as well as the location of filtration system. Later, prepare detailed design and production drawings. After approval of drawings can be ordered system for trial operation. Then the test will take place installation and operation of the vehicle, as well as verification visit after installation. Inspection visit is planned according to the findings of the verification visit. The first installation of the serial operation is carried out with our assistance and training.
  • Accessories

  • RUDOS offers a complete range of air distribution system. (Compressor - Air treatment - distribution). We stop lockshields without cutting ring on the main air distribution systems, and also stainless steel tubes of diameters from 10 to 45 mm.