Complete sanitary modules

This type of toilets along with other specified components form a complete system WC

  1. floor
  2. the door panel
  3. panel with toilet
  4. panel with sink and mirror
  5. ceiling
  6. door
  7. exterior wall

The predominant material is a composite known as GPR, thus lightweight fiberglass, reinforced with a metal frame, or plates made ​​of anodized aluminum, respectively. stainless steel. To a lesser extent, represented composite materials in combination aluminum / cork panels or aluminum profiles that are made specifically for the suggested solutions.

Environment toilets meets aspects of ergonomics, aesthetics and cleanliness. The chosen materials guarantee a hygienic requirements and demands of passengers. The components are made ​​of stainless steel finishes according to UIC standards.
The components are readily available and are not problems in maintenance. Generally speaking, the proposal is designed so that the requirements placed on ease of maintenance, installation and cleaning.