Tanks for clean and waste water

The basic concept of tank system is as follows: water tank and waste water tank is located in the interiors of the car, just behind the WC cell. The water reservoir is placed over the waste tank.

Fresh water tank

Volume of 300 l. The construction material is stainless steel. The tank is equipped with a level sensor. The water reservoir is fitted to the structural frame, which is fixed by the frame of the car. The link is designed to minimize the amount of elbows and couplings. Clutches and fixed parts are designed with flexible couplings. The system is designed to be demountable. If the water level drops in the tank below 5% (adjustable) you lock the door and you can not enter into the toilet.

Waste tank

Waste tank is located in the same frame as a reservoir directly beneath it. With a steel frame is secured to the vehicle frame. Fuel tank capacity is 350 liters and is made of stainless steel. Treatment and discharge will be implemented on both sides of the car using a piping 1 ¨ 3 ¨ and outlet pipes with end Camloc ending.