Vacuum WC

We are a reliable supplier in the supply systems, vacuum toilets for trains, as well we provide renovation projects within the rail sector.
We offer replacement parts for a wide variety of toilet systems from different vendors, as well as consulting services, maintenance and overhaul aimed at improving the performance and reliability of existing toilet systems.
Glova WC modules are compact type "push pull", are designed in accordance with the latest standards and have proved extremely reliable in operation due to their excellent monitoring devices.

RUDOS Ružomberok Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of vacuum toilets Glova for Slovak and Czech railway market. In cooperation with the company Glova we can design a complete vacuum system from the toilet itself, toilets, water supply and sewage, electronic control system to complete the delivery of the waste tank and the actual service.
Due to the customer's needs for prompt delivery of spare parts, we have about 75% of the spare parts in stock.

GLOVA toilet module

Glova standard module has a flat smooth stainless top plate enables easy and gentle cleaning and is designed for reliable maintenance during the operating period.
WC has a unique Glova air valves away from the waste material. System operation is performed on the WC controller (TMC) via CAN communication.
Toilet module is ideal for toilets that are designed for reconstructive purposes, where wc flexible unit offers seamless integration.
The default configuration is the drive devices 3 - nozzles "easy fit" system, but the device is also available with 5 - chain guns' power flush "that offers excellent distributing water in a bowl in combination with high kinetic energy of water flushing.

Types of vacuum toilets GLOVA