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  • 1. Pars nova a.s.

  • 1.1. Compressor unit HDV230
    The modernization HDV 230, which taken together. Pars nova a.s. for ČD Cargo as was solved a long-standing problem with the delivery and repair disused brake compressors K1 lok. Our company has solved this problem by complete technical proposal to streamline this part of the braking system. It was designed adequate replacement brake of compressor K1 lok and compressor DSK R3 100, which is mounted on newly manufactured build-frame with a remanufactured electric 1A 2135/4. Today has been running manufacturing 18t th piece of compressor unit HDV230. This unit is approved at the Czech Rail Authority in Prague. If required, our company and the technical staff to ensure the design and manufacture of various types of compressor sústrojenstiev for each HDV. Detailed technical description of the compressor unit.
  • 1.2 Supply of spare parts for brake compressors
    Rudos Ružomberok is the largest and also the contractor for replacement brake parts for compressors 3 DSK 75, 3 DSK100.
  • 2. ŽSSK Cargo Slovakia a.s.

  • 2.1. Spare parts for rolling stock
    Our company is the ZSSK Cargo Slovakia SpA contracted more than 1000 kinds of goods. The turnovers are the most general repairs of all types of brake compressors, spare parts supply for brake compressors, electrical equipment, spare parts for undercarriage parts, rubber boots and spare parts for internal combustion engines CKD, Skoda. Also we supply various types of hydro generator, hydro power generation turbochargers along with their overhauls.
  • For ZSSK Cargo Slovakia SpA HDV also provide modernization, especially in the social program for drivers. Exactly according to customer's design was elaborated and technical design of sanitary corner to HDV 363 and 240
  • 3. Czech railways a.s.

  • 3.1. Upgrading HDV 240
    Our company along with Pars nova a.s. is involved in the repair as well as the modernization of the brake system for HDV 240th. Modernization consists the compressor units HDV240 instead of the original brake compressors K1 lok as advice on HDV 230
  • 3.2. Supply brake compressor and spare parts
    Currently, we are contractors for repairs and supplies new brake compressors 3 DSK 75, 3 DSK 100, K2 lok, lok1 K2, K3 lok, K3 lok1 and spare parts
  • 4. ŽOS Trnava a.s., BRAMA Slovakia a.s.

  • 4.1. Rubber metal
    The portfolio of our company includes production of "rubber metal". It is composed of parts made ​​of rubber, which is incorporated metal part. At present, our production list of more than 50 types of rubber metal. According to supplied drawings or sample piece, we are able to ensure our operation directly in the production of compaction equipment with separate production of finished rubber metal.
  • 5. Railway Company Slovakia a.s.

  • 5.1. Stopper type rail wagon AWD 87 JK
    Our company is the sole manufacturer of the contracted and certified vehicle stops rolling type of AWD 87 JK