Services /RV/



  • Our company is certified to supply and repair brake compressors for Slovak and Czech railways types 3 DSK 75, 3 DSK 100, K loks. RUDOS Ružomberok Ltd. the contractor to supply turbochargers manufacturer PBS types PDH 280, PDH 50 ZV, ZV PDH 35, K36, and also the exclusive distributor of vacuum toilets Glove for Slovak and Czech railway market.


Modernization of components for rail vehicles

  • The modernization HDV 230, which was conducted by Pars nova as for ČD Cargo as was solved a long-standing problem with the delivery and repair disused brake compressors K1 lok. Our company has solved this problem by complete technical proposal to streamline this part of the braking system.



  • Our company has a skilled workforce that is ready to advise and assist in the technical and commercial issues.