Tractive vehicles


Turbo chargers

  • We are the contractor for the supply ofPBS turbo blowers, types PDH 280, PDH 50 ZV, PDH 35 ZV and K36. We offer general repairs and supply of new turbo blowers



  • Our company owns a certificate of supply and repairsof the air-brake compressors for both Slovak and Czech railways, types 3 DSK 75,3 DSK 100 and K lok, and also for the manufacture and supply of its spare parts. Completemanufacture from spare parts up to the assembly of compressor is beingperformed in Our Company by qualified workers.



  • RUDOS Ružomberok Ltd. offers brake lock shieldswithout cutting ring, and also Parker lock shields.


Chassis part

  • Within the chassis part, weoffer suspension and braking systems of driving railway vehicles. We supply acomplete assortment of chassis section, along with the inspection certificate3.2.


Engine part

  • Within spare parts for the driving  railway vehicles engine parts, we offerengines, engine spare parts, pistons, springs, turbo blowers, water oil anddiesel pumps, alternators, BOSCHstarters, piston rings of all measurements, turbo blowers - PDH 280, PDH 50 ZV, PDH 35 ZV, K36. By every namedspare part we ensure the supply of new parts and units, as well as theirgeneral repair.


Mechanical spare parts

  • For driving railway vehicles, we ensuredifferent kinds of mechanical spare parts. Within our machinery, we are capableof manufacturing different kinds of mechanical spare parts upon yourrequirements.



  • The manufacture of rubber-metal spareparts was one of the first activities of Our Company for the railway market.Based on the drawing documentation, or the sample piece, we are capable tomanufacture the compression mould, with sequential manufacture of the givenproduct upon your requirements.


Electrical equipment

  • Time relay, isolator, transformer, isolatorsunder conductors of every type, speedometers, ventilators, piston slide valves,and contactors. RUDOS Ruzomberok Ltd. ensures the repair of smaller and biggerrange of single-direction electrical motors, generators, energizer, dynamoenergizers, traction motors.


Compressedair regulation – solutions for EMU and DMU

  • Compressed air contains water, oil andsolid particles. But this gives a rise of unwelcome consequences: valves jam atdoor systems and vacuum toilet, icing of pneumatic components duringwintertime, lower economic life of pneumatic components, dryer breakdowns,reduction of service intervals and the service life of pneumatic components.