Brake compressors

  • Our company holds a certificate forthe delivery and repair of brake compressors for both Slovak and Czechrailroads, types 3 DSK 75, 3 DSK 100, K lok, and also for the manufacture and supply ofits spare parts.
  • Complete manufacture from spare parts upto the assembly of compressors is being performed in Our Company by qualifiedworkers. Brake compressors are subjected to strict rules that govern thefunctionality and reliability; therefore, we built a down-to-date operationtest stand in our company, electronically without the possibility of interventionfrom the VR18 recording evaluation unit. To each compressor supply, we presenta protocol (test evaluation) from the given unit (VR18), along with theinspectional certificate 3,2n by EN 10.204.


 Brake compressors k-lok

  • Two-staged, three-cylinderAir-cooled, with W-shaped cylindersWithout clutch, frame, inter cooler, ventilator/fan and plumbingServes for pressure brakes and other pneumatic appliances of the electronic locomotives


Drive vehicles

  • High-speed, air-cooled machine
    Characterized by small sized with high operating pressure by two-staged compression
     Designed for traction purposes
    Equipped with plated valves and suction basket/strainer
    Cooled through the axial ventilator and the head coverage with cylinders
    Not equipped with inter cooler
    Built-in serial three-cylinder


Brake compressor 3 DSK 100

  • High-speed, serial, three- cylindered  compressor
    Air-cooled with two-staged compression
    Equipped with concentric valves, which enable high operating speed
    Cooling through the axial ventilator
    Has a built-in inter cooler and after cooler

nameKatalóg 3 DSK 100
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nameKatalóg K-lok
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nameKatalóg 3 DSK 75
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