Compressed air solution

  • Compressed air contains water, oil and solid particles. Butthis gives rise of unwelcome consequences: valves jam at door systems andvacuum toilet, icing of pneumatic components during wintertime, lower economiclife of pneumatic components, dryer breakdowns, reduction of service intervalsand the service life of pneumatic components. There may be different reasons:
  • Oil – liquid oil, but also aerosols dependent on heat
    Consequences: carbon sintering at pipelines, disablement of absorption dryer
  • Water – effectively removed liquid, depending on vapor heat (humidity)
    Consequences: icing of pneumatic components, corrosion of air distribution
  • Emulsions – mixture of water and oil, harder to dispose
  • Solid particles – easily detectable, size and concentration has to be in keeping with the used filtration material, after connection with hot oil, they are detected at surface and cause pressure dropin system
    Consequences: valves blocking,pipe clogging 
  • Pressure drop – optimization between the pressure drop and disposal of solid particles, oil and water from system + extension of service intervals
  • System offer

  • Filter set properly placed at the systemfor optimization of contamination disposal from air with minimum influence onpipes and layoff by reason of installment. Know how is the knowledge of the airsystem, railway requirements, as well as filters supply.
  • Project cycle

  • Problems are being detected at the basisof visitation. Consequently, their location at the system takes place, as wellas location of filtration at the system. Later on, a detailed layout andmanufacture drawings are being made. After the approval of drawingdocumentation, the system may be ordered for the purpose of trial operation.Consequently, a trial system installment and vehicle operation takes place, aswell as a verification visit after the system installment. Inspectionalvisitation is planned according to findings at the trial visit. First systemserial installment at operation is realized with our assistance and training.
  • Equipment

  • RUDOS offers a complete assortment ofair distribution system (Compressor-air regulation-distribution). We offerbrake lock shields without cutting ring for main air distribution, as well asstainless tubes with diameters of 10-45 mm.