• RUDOS Ružomberok Ltd. offers brake lock shields without cutting rings, as well as Parker lock shields. Comparison of offered lock shields: Standard solutions: Currently, most of the carriage/wagon manufacturers use copper or, steel (in some cases: stainless,) pipes and part - iron, or steel (stainless) lock shields.

    Weight of a stainless pipe with wall thickness of1,5mm is 51% higher by the wall thickness of 0,8mm. (classic carriage- approx.64kg).
    Cost of a stainless pipe with wall thickness of 1,5mmis 24% higher than with thickness of 0,8mm. WARNING – wall thickness is 1,5mm by the reason of using lock shields with cutting rings, by which there is a necessity to achieve the demanded tightness and firmness of locking to the pump. Alternate solution: RUDOS lock shields do not contain cutting ring; therefore it is possible to achieve an attenuation) to 0,8mm. Lock shield material is brass, or stainless steel,suitable for forging/ironwork, so it gives the opportunity to offer a wide range of realization to cover customer’s requests.



  • Verified solution
    Lower cost
    Wider product selection
    Higher weight of pipe systems/pipelines

  • Weight saving
    Easier and faster assembly
     Demountable of fusion
    Thinner pipe wall
    Modern solution
    Higher lock shields cost
    New solution
    Narrower product portfolio
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