Selection of the most interesting references:

  • BGP Budca in Slovakia
  • BGP Zemplinska Teplica in Slovakia
  • BGP Ludrova in Slovakia
  • BGP  Vrbova nad Vahom in Slovakia
  • For Fruit s.r.o – Zlatna na Ostrove in Slovakia – supply and installation of:
    Supply and installation of technology and machinery biogas management, gasholder I. and II. TG stage machinery
    Supply and installation of battery - BAFER diameter 5 m and 11 m height
    Supply and installation of degasser
    water Treatment
    Distribution of heating
    gas station
  • SHP Harmanec a.s Slovakia - Supply and installation of gas management for the WWTP Harmanec including residual gas burners 90m3/hod
  • WWTP Nove mesto nad Vahom in Slovakia - Construction and renovation of digester and compressor station
  • WWTP Poprad in Slovakia – supply and installation of:
    Indoor and outdoor equipment and emergency digester tank
    compressor station
    Machinery pumps
    Collector sludge pumps
    Machinery gasholder
    Internal and external gas supply
  • NAFTA a.s., GBELY Slovakia  – supply and installation of residual gas burner R.75
  • WWTP HEINEKEN a.s. – supply and installation of the gas sector, including gasholder station and increasing gas pressure and piping systems
  • TVS Trencin a.s. Slovakia – supply and installation of ¾ "330 m3 spherical gasholder. Removing the original gasholder. Design work, construction of the base plate and repair of gas piping systems.
  • WWTP VIVARTIA (Cyprus) - supply and installation of the gas sector, including 25 m3 gasholder and burner tail gas R.90
  • Alter Energo s.r.o Slovakia – supply of gas burner type R.30 /30m3/hod
  • WWTP Senica Bionergy a.s. Slovakia - reconstruction of pipelines, components and associated technology recurrent official test