RUDOS brake compressors

Brzdové kompresory RUDOS RUŽOMBEROK, s.r.o

Since 2014, our company has been an OEM manufacturer of K-lok brake compressors. Complete production of individual components and assembly of compressors takes place in our company under the supervision of experienced manufacturers and assembly technicians. Brake compressors are subject to strict regulations for functionality and reliability, therefore a state-of-the-art electronic control test stand was built in our premises without the possibility of interfering with the output of the recording and evaluation unit VR18. A report (test evaluation) from the given unit (VR18) is submitted for each compressor delivery together with a 3.2n inspection certificate according to EN 10.204.

Brake compressor K-lok

The compressor serves for pressure brakes and other pneumatic appliances of electric locomotives

  • dvojstupňový, trojvalcový kompresor
  • vzduchom chladený
  • valce usporiadané do W

Brake compressor 3DSK75

Small and compact two-stage air-cooled compressor. It is equipped with concentric valves and a suction basket. The compressor is cooled by means of an axial fan and fairing heads with cylinders.

  • objem vzduchu 50m3/h
  • tlak 10bar
  • bez medzichladiča

Brake compressor 3DSK100

High-speed in-line three-cylinder air-cooled compressor. The compressor is equipped with concentric valves that enable high compressor speeds. Cooling is provided by an axial fan.

  • objem vzduchu 120m3/h (+/- 7%)
  • tlak 10bar
  • príkon 17,5kW

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