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Reconstruction of 5 water dam fields (no. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18) for Dam in flood in the SVD G-N, Čunovo level – open steel structure

The closing segment is used to enclose the dam and, if necessary, also to enclose the dam when 100 years of water is released. Reserving means lifting the segment with the gear and gal chain to the upper position. The stroke is performed by rotating the segment body around the segment sliding bearing. The movement of the body can be controlled from the control box or from the central dispatching

The aim of the project was to replace the closed welded box-shaped body, the disadvantage of which was that due to the leakage of the welds, water gets inside the segment, which is very dangerous, especially in winter. Inspection of welds inside the segment is difficult to access and in some places cannot be done at all.


The new design eliminates the mentioned shortcomings, because the design solution has achieved that the water flows smoothly from the open beams. All welds as well as surface protection with coatings can be checked in the transverse and longitudinal direction. The proposed solution takes into account the possibilities of applying structural parts of the segment from the production range of shaped profiles as well as sheets that can be imported on the market.

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